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About Us

Welcome to the home of Thai tapas Mango smiley Copyright

It's all in the sharing!

The great thing about Thai food is the nature in which it is traditionally eaten. Eating is the most social aspect of Thai life and Thai people love sharing food!


Traditionally, the table host orders to suit everyone's tastes - salty, spicy, sour & sweet, and dishes are presented for all to share. This way of eating is the basis of our menu. Our tapas of Thai appetiser favourites and in-house culinary creations give you the opportunity to share a variety of tastes from the menu, and enjoy them together!


At Mango, your dining experience can be as relaxed as you like. Enjoy a selection of Thai tapas served authentically - in no particular order and share with friends or have tapas as a starter followed by a main or order everything to arrive together!


Whatever you choose: eat, drink, be mango