Thai cuisine is a blending of salty, spicy, sweet & sour. This balance of tastes is the essence of our dishes, which are made to order using fresh ingredients every day.


At Mango, your dining experience can be just as you like. We invite you to enjoy our menu whichever way takes your fancy - have a Thai tapas or two with a drink... or as starters followed by a main... or make it fun - order a selection, and share with friends!


Whatever you choose...

eat, drink, be mango


Please note that for parties of 8 or more people, we require a deposit of £5 per person at the time of booking.









Download our menus here:

Portswood food menu 

Portswood drink menu


Above Bar food menu

Above Bar drink menu


Ocean Village food menu

Ocean Village drinks menu 


Portswood Christmas menu

Above Bar Christmas menu

Ocean Village Christmas menu  

  • Have been coming here for over five years now and am certainly not alone in being one of this fantastic restaurant's loyal customers. The service is friendly and the staff are very keen to help even the most difficult of customers... A big recommendation from a spice lover would be the jungle curry - a truly delicious dish!

  • I have been going to the Portswood Mango for a couple of years now. I just wanted to say that I tried the new one in town yesterday and it was fantastic - food as excellent as ever and the place looks stunning, will be returning very soon!

  • And that leads me nicely on to my Jungle Curry. . . it was excellent. You and your chef are to be congratulated. It's great to find a food outlet that ticks all the boxes from the crockery to the bar staff and everything inbetween. 

  • I would like to thank your Above Bar Restaurant for YET another fabulous meal last night. The food is amazing, I just love this place. Apart from the food, your Staff are absolutely brilliant, attentive, helpful and friendly, a real credit to you. My favourite Thai Restaurant in the whole of this area, you knock spots off the rest. A BIG thank you.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all sooo much for the most amazing birthday meal. Me and my friends had such a fantastic time. . . The food was fantastic and the whole team made us feel so welcome. 

  • Mango in Town: Awesome thai food best in Southampton, service second to none. The interior and decor have been done to a very high standard. Must do while in Southampton!

  • Thanks to all the mango staff for an amazing New Year's Eve! The food and drink were lovely as they always are when we visit but you really went all out on making the night special. We had such a good time dancing and the music was great. We'll be back very soon!

  • I have been going to the Portswood Mango for a couple of years now. I just wanted to say that I tried the new one in town yesterday and it was fantastic - food as excellent as ever and the place looks stunning, will be returning very soon!

  • So nice to see a decent family restaurant. We come regularly and the service is always second to none. You can see they really take pride in it and really care about their customer's experience and making sure you have a great time with them...

  • ...Crispy squid which blew my mind with flavour and the Samui Me Crazy cocktail was incredible. The whole experience was authentic and took me back to the sunny beaches of Koh Phi Phi. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good value, tasty Thai meal.



While you wait, snack on some of our ‘kap klaem’ (drinking foods)...

  • Prawn Crackers & Sweet Chilli Dip
  • Sweet Potato Bird's Nest
  • Spicy Lime Leaf Beer Nuts
  • Oven Roasted Jungle Bugs
  • Crispy Seaweed
  • Roti Bread & Satay Sauce


Popular Thai appetisers & some of our own in-house creations– great for sharing and trying a bit of everything!

NEW Bacon Tempura

Crispy bacon in a light tempura batter served with home-made tamarind sauce. (Ocean Village only)

Butterfly Prawns

Lightly battered butterfly prawns, deep-fried and flash stir-fried with a garlic, red onion and chilli sauce.

Chicken Satay

Tender chicken pieces chargrilled and marinated in spices, served on bamboo skewers, with a satay peanut sauce.

Coconut Chicken

Deep-fried tender chicken pieces in a crispy coconut batter, served with a sweet plum sauce.

Crispy Beef

Slices of beef rolled in flour, deep-fried and pepper coated in our homemade spicy Thai sauce.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab

Lightly battered crab served with pomegranate, Chinese pear, mango, plum, lime leaves, lemongrass and chilli.

Crispy Squid

Slices of squid, rolled in flour, deep-fried and pepper coated in our homemade spicy Thai sauce.

Crispy Tofu

Deep-fried tofu sticks served with a sweet chilli and peanut sauce. vegan

Crunchy Pork

Slices of pork deep-fried in flour and drizzled with a tangy and spicy sauce.

Duck Spring Rolls

Deep-fried mini pastry rolls, filled with duck, vermicelli, black mushrooms and spring greens, sliced and served with our home-made hoisin sauce.


Fishcakes seasoned with curry and kaffir lime leaf, served with sweet chilli sauce.

Golden Money Bags

Purses of spicy tofu, water chestnuts, carrots and pearl barley, served with mango and tamarind sauce. vegan

Golden Triangles

Mixed vegetables, sweet potato and soya beans, wrapped in rice pastry, deep-fried and served with mango chutney. vegan

Hot and Sour Pork

Thin slices of tender sour pork, coated in our hot and sour chilli sauce.

NEW Lime Pork Belly

Deep-fried pork belly in a chilli, garlic and fresh lime saue. (Ocean Village only)

Mango Corn Cakes

Traditional Thai cakes of sweetcorn and fresh mango, served with a tangy sauce. vegan

NEW Mozarella Panko

Buffalo mozzarella melted and covered in breadcrumbs, served with home-made spicy dipping sauce. (Ocean Village only)

Mussels in Crispy Bacon

New Zealand mussels wrapped in bacon, deep-fried and served with a chilli and ginger sauce.

Prawn Toast

Minced prawns and herbs, spread on mini toasts and fried, served with a sweet chilli sauce.

Spare Ribs

Tender pork spare ribs, marinated in our rich homemade sauce.

NEW Spicy Thai Beef Balls

Fresh beef balls spiced with mixed peppercorns and Thai herbs, served with pinapple sauce for dipping. (Ocean Village only)

Steamed Mussels

New Zealand steamed mussels in a traditional Thai sauce of galangal, lemongrass, lime leaves and fresh chilli.

Steamed or Crispy Dim Sum

Steamed or deep-fried homemade minced pork and prawn dumplings, served with a chilli and ginger sauce.

Stir-fry Mushrooms

Seasonal mushrooms stir-fried with garlic, chillies, Thai herbs and oyster sauce. vegan option

NEW Tofu Tempura

Tofu in a light tempura batter served with a home-made sweet and sour tamarind sauce. (Ocean Village only) vegan

Vegetable Tempura

Mixed vegetables fried in batter and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. vegan

*receive the cheapest free


Soup to soothe the body and soul... hot and spicy, fragrant and fresh, to leave you warm and energised.

Hot & Spicy Tom Kha Soup

Creamier and a little less spicy than Tom Yum soup, simmered in coconut milk. Choose from chicken, king prawns* or extra mushrooms in your soup. vegan option

Hot & Spicy Tom Yum Soup

Traditional hot and sour soup with cherry tomatoes and your choice of king prawns* chicken or extra mushrooms,  flavoured with chilli, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal and a dash of lemon juice. vegan option

*Please add 1.00 when ordering king prawns in your soup.


Healthy, tasty and refreshingly different – our Thai salads are bursting with flavour and texture.

Spicy Thai Salad

Slices of grilled beef, tofu, king prawns* or mixed seafood* on a mixed salad of cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and spring onions, in a chilli and lime juice dressing. 

*Please add 1.00 when ordering king prawns or mixed seafood with this salad. vegan option

*Please add 1.00 when ordering king prawns or mixed seafood with your salad.


Wonderful aromatic mixtures of freshly ground herbs and spices...

Golden Curry

A mellow, slightly sweet and highly aromatic curry, infused with turmeric and roasted spices, combined with potato, onion, cherry tomatoes and mixed peppers, simmered in coconut milk.


Green Curry

A fragrant and slightly citrusy blend of green chilli paste, lemongrass, lime, coriander and chilli, with crunchy peppers, aubergines, bamboo shoots and sweet basil leaves, simmered in coconut milk.

Jungle Curry

Fiercely hot water-based curry with basil leaves, bamboo shoots, fine beans, aubergines and mixed peppers. Authentically enjoyed with wild boar– try it with pork!

Massaman Lamb Curry

A special curry, richly spiced but mild and slightly sweet, with slow-cooked lamb, dried spices, coconut milk, onion, potatoes and peanuts.

Please add 2.00 when ordering this curry.

Panang Curry

A rich, aromatic ground curry with coconut cream, carrots, sugar snap peas, fine beans and kaffir lime leaves.

Red Curry

A full-bodied curry with a rich blend of spices, red chilli paste and kaffir lime leaves, crunchy peppers, aubergines and bamboo shoots, simmered in coconut milk.

Tapas £6 ・ Main £8

Choose from chicken, pork, beef, king prawns, vegetables or tofu to have in your curry.

Please add £2 when ordering king prawns and £1 when ordering beef.


Phad Thai Noodles

A traditional sweet and sour dish of fried rice noodles, chicken or king prawns*, egg, bean sprouts and spring onions, with crushed peanuts.

vegan option

Rad Nah Crispy Noodles

Crispy fried noodles with king prawns, mussels, squid and vegetables in a rich sauce.

Rice Noodles

Rice noodles with extra veg, tofu, chicken or king prawns*, egg, carrots, broccoli and fine beans.

Choose to have them • Simple • Soya • Spicy 


Special Fried Rice

Fried jasmine rice with egg, chicken, beef, pork, king prawns, mussels and squid, with a hint of soy and spice.

Vegetable Fried Rice

Fried jasmine rice with egg and crunchy mixed vegetables.

vegan option

Yellow Egg Noodles

Stir-fried egg noodles with chicken or king prawns*, egg, bean sprouts and mixed vegetables.

*Please add 2.00 when ordering king prawns with your noodles.


Chilli Stir-fry

Choice of chicken, pork, lamb*, king prawns*, mixed seafood* or tofu, stir-fried with mixed vegetables in a spicy sauce of fresh chilli, lemongrass, garlic and basil leaves.

*Please add 2.00 when ordering king prawns, mixed seafood or lamb.

vegan option

Crispy Beef or Squid

Slices of beef or squid, flour-coated and cooked with fine beans and vegetables in our rich red chilli paste sauce, served with jasmine rice.

Crispy Whole Sea Bass

Crispy sea bass stir-fried with chilli, onions, sweet basil, crunchy peppers, carrots and soya sauce.

Lime Leaf Beef

Stir-fried beef and lime leaves in a rich spicy marinade, served with jasmine rice.

Steamed Whole Sea Bass

Steamed sea bass in a lime juice and chilli dressing.

Stir-fried Red Snapper

Slices of red snapper fish in a light batter stir-fried with galangal, lemongrass, holy basil and lime leaves.

Sweet and Sour

Classic dish of chicken, king prawns* or tofu, with carrots and peppers in a rich, home-made sweet and sour sauce.

Weeping Tiger

Sirloin steak marinated in coriander and garlic, sliced in to strips and served on a hot plate, with a chilli and lime sauce.
(Tell us how you’d like your steak cooked).

*Please add 2.00 when ordering king prawns, mixed seafood duck or lamb.


Make it a meal with sides.

Pad Pak

A selection of seasonal crunchy vegetables, stir-fried in oyster sauce.

veggie/vegan option


Jasmine £2.50
Egg Fried £3 
Coconut £3
Sticky £3


Desserts vary at each Mango. Download the menu on the left hand side of the EAT page to see what's getting served.

Here're a few to get you excited...

  • Banana Fritters drizzled in honey, with vanilla ice cream
  • Thai Spiced Sticky Toffee pud with coconut ice cream
  • Cherry and Chocolate Brownie (vegan, gluten-free option)
  • Raspberry and Pistaccio Cheesecake
  • Lemoncello Ice Cream Bomb



Swap the turkey for tapas and

Celebrate Christmas at Mango!

2-Course Sharing Menu 
Lunch from £17 • dinner from £22 
28 November–7 January

Personalised menus and packages available • Seasonal Specials • Festive cocktails and mulled wine • Festive dessert menu • Xmas crackers and decorations included • Great tunes & Christmas party music • Why not add a cocktail masterclass? Tables & party areas for small groups–150 people 


More details here - Christmas party info flyer














Choose from: 


Chicken or Veggie – Green, Red, Panang or Golden, all served with jasmine rice 


Chicken Satay • Crispy Beef Spring Rolls • Vegetable Tempura 


175ml house white/red • Chang beer Lychee & mint soda • Pepsi 




Mango Thai Buffet (21.00 per person) 


Thai Spring Rolls

Prawn Toast

Crispy Dim Sum

* * *

Thai Green or Red Curry - with Chicken 

Panang Curry - with Beef or Chicken

Yellow Egg Noodles - with Vegetables or Chicken

Jasmine Rice


Mango Royal Buffet (26.00 per person) 


Thai Spring Rolls

Prawn Toast

Steamed or Crispy Dim Sum

* * *

Vegetable, Lamb or Beef Chilli Stir-fry 

Thai Green Curry - with either Chicken, Beef or Prawns

Panang Curry - with either Chicken, Beef or Prawns

Yellow Egg Noodles - with either Chicken, Prawns or Vegetables

Jasmine Rice




Can’t decide? Let us choose for you!  Tell us your preferences and we'll do the rest. In true Thai-style dining, we'll act as your host choosing a selection of the menu (tapas and main courses) for your party to share.We'll include a good selection of vegetable, fish and meat dishes and ensure we satisfy the four Thai seasonings... sharing’s what Mango’s all about!

NB: value of dishes will always exceed cost paid per person.


Want to enjoy Crispy Beef or our Thai Green Curry at home? Well, we do takeaway! 

Just choose your favourite dishes from the menu and call the Mango closest to you to place your order. Then come and collect claiming 10% discount on your order. Simple!

Portswood 023 8067 8877

Above Bar 023 8033 6540

Ocean Village 023 8033 1477



Information: Please be aware that as we use nuts, we cannot guarantee absence of nut traces in our dishes. Menu descriptions do not list every single ingredient; if you have a dietary requirement, please make your server aware.

Thai food is never 'held' in the kitchen in an attempt to serve all diners together. It is wok cooked and served fresh straight away to the table so you should begin when it arrives. There may be a break between dishes arriving at your table.

We run with a super team of chefs but a very small kitchen - please bear with us during busy times as delays are inevitable.

Prices are listed in Pounds Sterling and 20% VAT is included in all prices. Service isn't included but a suggested 10% service charge will be added to parties of six or more. All tips are kept by the team.