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Welcome back, We’ve missed you!


Our priority as you’d expect is keeping everyone safe and healthy. So we’ve retrained our staff, spaced out tables, made hand sanitiser readily available, gone cashless, and added some friendly poster reminders to help us all keep a safe distance. Mango Portswood and Above Bar are set to welcome you back as of Saturday 4th July, with a change of opening hours until things go back to normal. Due to extensive damage from flooding and Covid restrictions, Ocean Village will remain closed until further notice.




🌴 Safety first: If you feel unwell or are displaying any symptoms of the virus, please do not come to the restaurant. Stay at home and stay safe.


🌴 Capacity: Due to social distancing guidelines, we have reduced the capacity of the restaurants and distanced tables. Please respect each other’s and our teams’ personal space and remain at least 1 metre but where possible 2 metres apart from other guests.


🌴 Bookings: We’ve also updated how we take bookings so whilst we can take reservations over the phone, we strongly recommend that you use our online system to make a reservation! Whilst we love that you guys do just pop in, for now we can only guarantee tables that have pre-booked. If the weather permits, we will have a limited number of outside tables available for those without a booking.


🌴 Restrictions per table: Due to Government guidelines, we are unable to accept bookings of more than 6 people at this time. You can book more than one table but please be aware that members of each group must stay at their designated table. We are happy to receive larger enquiries for future dates but please bear in mind Government guidelines will dictate availability.


🌴 Customer details: To further comply with government guidelines, anyone who walks in without a reservation will need to supply a name, telephone number and email address. This is to help future tracing in the event of another outbreak of the virus.


🌴 Crowdfunder vouchers: As per the guidance from Crowdfunder, meal vouchers will be made available to our donators once the campaign has finished. Please help us to reach our goal, and also enjoy a little thank you present from us, by buying now to enjoy later here – https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/mangothai


🌴 Takeaway: If you’re happy staying at home, you can still order takeaway to enjoy Mango at home with a 10% discount on collection.


We can’t wait to welcome you all back soon!

Mango x



When booking online, we may contact you again with a Review Express email to collect your valuable feedback.